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The Obnoxious Neighbor, Your Slander Suit, And Your Personal Injury Lawyer: What You Can Expect

Everyone has at least one neighbor in their neighborhood that runs around foaming at the mouth with whatever they think is worth repeating. Sometimes that neighbor does not know when to shut up, and says things that are incredibly injurious to another neighbor or about another neighbor. When the unpleasant statements are about you, and you have done all you can to avoid this neighbor but he or she keeps coming after you, it is time to file a slander suit with a personal injury lawyer (such as one from Weathers Law Firm, LLC). Here is what you can expect to your slander suit.   

Ability to Prove Something Was Said

Usually, most slander cases are "he said, she said" cases in that no one else is around to prove or disprove that your neighbor said something quite defamatory. However, in your case where your neighbor was running at the mouth to anyone who would listen, you have plenty of witnesses. Not all of the other neighbors might be willing to testify in court, but you might find one or two sympathetic people who have had their own run-ins with the neighborhood gossip and busybody. The next step is to prove that the obnoxious neighbor's statements are untrue, malicious and/or unfounded.

Disproving the Obnoxious Neighbor's Statements about You

In order to prove that the obnoxious neighbor's statements are hurtful or defaming, you must first prove that they are untrue, unfounded and/or malicious. This is sometimes easier said than done because the faintest glimmer of truth can unravel your case. Since most gossips like your neighbor have taken something that started with the truth and turned it into a rumor of catastrophic proportions, your personal injury lawyer has to get to the heart of what was said, and determine how the slanderous statements of your neighbor were hurtful. If there is no truth to what your neighbor is saying about you, he or she will be forced to cease and desist and possibly pay you damages.

Ruling in Your Favor

The ruling in your favor is based on what you can prove was said, what you can disprove about the slanderous remarks made against you, and how the statements negatively impacted your day to day living. Your compensation will be based on your psychological hurt and mental health needs to recover, as well as any work you have lost because of statements made by this neighbor, and possibly a restraining and/or gag order against the slanderous neighbor. Any or all of these types of compensation should give you some reprieve against the actions of this obnoxious neighbor.