Determining Fault In An Accident

Bars, Brawls, And Broken Bottles | Barroom Statistics Every Patron Should Know

Your idea of a good time may include heading to a local bar for some fun for the evening, but if you are like some patrons, just being a customer could land you in the middle of a personal injury claim. It should all be fun and games when you head to an adult entertainment establishment for a few drinks and maybe even some dancing, but where alcohol and crowds are involved, accidents just come with the territory. Here are a few barroom statistics that every occasional patron needs to know.

Fights Are More Prevalent at Specific Types of Establishments

If you suspect that not every bar is as dangerous as the next, you are actually correct in your suspicions. A study performed in 2010 showed that the bars that had the highest incidents of violence where those that were crowded, dirty, and dark. The fact that these establishments were also frequented by younger crowds was also a determining factor. Basically, bar characteristics easily have an interaction with how much violence there could be. Therefore, it is a good idea to stay away from shady establishments that could be considered high risk.

Competitive Situations in Bars Could Pose a Risk

There are various competitive situations that some bars are well-known for that could put you at higher risk for being injured as a customer. For example, sports bars can foster a more competitive atmosphere where tempers may escalate and fights could be an issue. Additionally, competitive games, such as pool or even darts could push aggression in a specific place. This is not to say that all competitive atmospheres will foster fights, but there is definitely an increased risk that you should be aware of.

Bar-Related Violent Accident Numbers Are High

The number of people injured in a bar, commercial restaurant, or nightclub every year comes in at an astounding 244,000. So, even if you think you are going to one of these places to have a good time, you could easily become the victim of either another person or the negligence of the establishment.

The bottom line is, bars can be a dangerous place to be, even if you consider yourself a safe and responsible person. If you have been injured in a bar, talk to a personal injury attorney, like Greg S. Memovich, to learn more about your rights and find out if you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.