Determining Fault In An Accident

Be Safe On Your Motorcyle With These 2 Tips

Having a motorcycle can be an exciting experience. However, those who ride motorcycles are about 35 times more likely to have a fatal accident than other drivers. Here are just two of the ways you can protect yourself. 

Be Aware after Custom Upgrades

If you strip your bike and put custom parts on it, it is important to be aware that upgrades may change the way the motorcycle rides. For instance, if you strip the bike and rebuild it to your own specifications, know that you may be changing the center of gravity. Make sure you ride it in an empty parking lot to get a feel for any diffference in handling before taking it out on the open road with other vehicles.

Even if you only change the handlebars or the fuel tank, make every effort to notice how those upgrades change how your bike acts when you're driving. In addition, it's important to monitor new parts for any sign of cracks and other signs that the installation was not done properly.

Dress Properly

If you're comfortable on your motorcycle and just want to take a short trip, you may think nothing of hopping on your bike and hitting the road in whatever you happen to be wearing. However, because you don't have much protection from the road when you're on a motorcycle, it is imperative to always dress properly.

Even if you want to feel the wind in your hair, a helmet should be a crucial part of every single bike ride you take. You should also take care to wear long, thick pants that can offer your legs protection from scratches if you have a spill. Closed toe boots are a smart choice for footwear, especially because the boot can help protect your ankles and well as your feet. Gloves should also be worn to protect your fingers, and you might opt for those with plastic or metal inserts that protect your palms and wrists. Consider elbow and knee pads as well.

You might even choose to get "airbag leathers", which are racing suits with airbags to keep your neck, collarbones and shoulders safe.

Use these tips when you own a motorcycle and you may be able to keep yourself safe while out on local roads and highways. If you get into an accident, be sure to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney such as Master Weinstein Shatz Moyer, P.C. who can assist you in seeking damages and ensure that your legal rights are protected.