Determining Fault In An Accident

Four Things To Strengthen Your Slip And Fall Accident Claim

If you have a slip and fall injury claim, you will need to prove it just as you would any other accident. The more evidence you have for your case, the stronger your case will be. Here are some for the things you need for a strong case:


A credible witness adds valuable weight to a slip and fall injury claim. This is even more so if the condition that caused you to slip and fall was temporary, such as a wet floor that has since dried. Your witness should be credible if he or she is to help you win the case. The legal meaning of a credible witness is one who meets these criteria:

  • Has first-hand knowledge of the incident, meaning he or she actually saw it.
  • Gives a consistent testimony.
  • Is confident when testifying; lack of confidence may mean that the witness isn't sure of his or her testimony.
  • Is impartial; the witness may be biased if he or she has an interest in the outcome of the case--for example, if he or she was recently fired by the manager of the premises in question.

Incident Report

An incident report contains the details of your accident. It is prepared, with your input, by the person in charge of the premises on which your accident occurred. The report should be immediately prepared while the facts of the case are still fresh in your mind. This is why you should report any accident as soon as it occurs. 

Police Report

Just like the incident report, the police report also contains the details of the accident. The only difference is that it is prepared by the police department in the area. Note that the police are usually called only for serious accidents, such as those that require an emergency medical response like an ambulance. If the person who manages the premises doesn't call the police, you can call at your discretion.

Medical Records

If your accident wasn't serious enough to require medical treatment of any kind, then it's probably not serious enough to make a worthwhile claim. However, if you were treated immediately or even days after the incident (although immediately is best), then pursuing a claim may be worthwhile. Your treatment records will be needed to prove your injuries, determine their seriousness, and link them to your slip and fall accident.

These are some of the essentials that strengthen your slip and fall accident claim.  Don't despair even if you haven't gathered all of them days after the accident. Consult personal injury lawyers like James Lee Katz to see what can be done to rescue your case.