Determining Fault In An Accident

3 Damages You Can Get Compensation for during a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you filing a personal injury lawsuit you are probably thinking a lot about money and what you will get out of it. The only real reasons to file a lawsuit is to recoup losses that you might have experienced in an accident and to send a message that the way you were treated was not acceptable. Thus, it is important that before you file a personal injury lawsuit that you are realistic about what the damages will include. Here are some things you can ask for in compensatory damages.

1. Medical Bills

Most people know that compensation for medical bills are one of the main things you should ask for in the lawsuit. The great thing about medical bills is that you have immediate proof of how much money you lost. You should be keeping all of your medical bills to show how much money you spent on medical treatment.

In order to get compensation for your medical expenses you have to be able to prove that the injuries were caused from the accident. For example, if you had a pre-existing condition, you might not be able to get restitution for medical bills relating to it. This is because it is hard to prove if the accident actually did anything to exasperate the condition, or if you would have had the medical issue either way.

2. Lost Wages

Another thing that you can ask for is lost wages. If you were in the hospital for a good amount of time, or had to miss work because of the accident you might be able to get compensation for the money that you lost. In order to do this you may have to bring in tax returns, W-2 forms, and/or pay stubs to prove that the amount that you earned after the accident has significantly decreased.

In addition, if you were terminated from your job because you can no longer do it due to the injury, you could include that in the lawsuit.

3. Property Damage

If in the accident you had damage to property you may be able to ask for compensation to replace or repair your property. In order to do this, you need to have an appraisal of how much the property was worth and you have to show that your insurance did not already repair the damage.

These are just a couple things that you can ask for compensation for when you file a personal injury lawsuit. For more information, talk to a personal injury attorney.