Determining Fault In An Accident

Proving A Vehicle Accident Was Caused By The Negligence Of Another Driver

When someone gets into a vehicular accident with another motorist, there is often a debate as to who caused the incident to occur. If you had just had an accident yourself, and you are sure you are not to blame for it happening, you will most likely want to take it to court so you are not responsible for medical or insurance costs that arose as a result. Here are some steps you can take to help prove your innocence in the accident in an attempt to obtain monetary compensation from the other party to pay for the expenses you incurred.

Obtain An Auto Accident Attorney Right Away

Having an attorney to represent you is the best way to have a favorable outcome at the end of the court case. They will use all documentation you provide to them as well as your verbal summary of the incident to come up with a plan to help you prove the other vehicle was at fault for the accident. They also have access to information pertaining to past cases of other accidents. They will use this to find one similar to your own to help come up with an offensive edge in proving the other driver caused you to become injured or your vehicle to become damaged.

Get Physical Documentation To Help Prove Innocence

It is extremely important to provide as much evidence as possible to the court. Physical evidence will be analyzed and may be very beneficial in proving your innocence. Get documents from your physician about your condition to show the extent of your injuries. Take photographs of the spot where the accident occurred including the road itself and your vehicle's damage. Get a document from your auto body shop discussing how they believe your vehicle sustained damage. Find out if there is any video footage available of the accident itself or the time leading up to the accident. A business in the area or traffic cameras above the street may have surveillance cameras showing what had happened in detail.

Check For Any Witnesses To Use In Court

If someone had seen the accident occur, you will want to track them down to find out their view on the situation. If they believe you were not at fault, ask them to be a witness for your case. If you had taken photographs right after the incident, vehicles may be in the background. Your attorney, one like Monohan & Blankenship, will help get driving records of vehicles you can identify by make, model, or license plate. These people can then be questioned to see if they would be valuable to your case.