Determining Fault In An Accident

Three Questions About Motorcycle Accidents For Bikers

A motorcycle accident can be quite dangerous since it often leads to a personal injury for the person riding the motorcycle. Here are a few things that you likely want to know about motorcycle accidents in case you are involved in one in the future.

Is The Motorcycle Rider Typically Blamed For The Accident?

One concern many motorcycle riders have is being blamed for an accident simply because they are riding a motorcycle. You may find that the other driver's insurance provider is more combative with you in regards to placing a larger percentage of blame on you because they want to pay out as little as possible with an injury claim. 

Thankfully, riding a motorcycle doesn't put you any more or less at fault for causing an accident. Even though your injuries might be more substantial due to riding a motorcycle, fault still gets placed on the driver that caused the accident. It will help to have a lawyer on your side that specializes in motorcycle accidents since they'll be well prepared for the fight you are up against.

What If Your State Has Comparative Fault Laws?

Every state handles auto accident cases differently when it comes to how much you can receive from a settlement or judgment. Many states have comparative fault laws, which means you will receive a percentage of the total compensation based on the percentage of fault that you hold. 

If you are found to be 50% responsible for causing the accident, then you will receive half of the compensation. Similarly, 25% responsibility would lead to receiving 75% of the compensation you are asking for. Holding 51% or more of the responsibility will mean that you are not entitled to compensation. 

Should You Gather Evidence From An Accident Scene?

Be aware that it can be difficult to gather evidence after an accident when you're injured on a motorcycle. If you're not mobile after an accident, it will be hard to assess the scene of the crash afterward. 

Definitely take pictures if you are able to do so, as well as get the contact information for anyone that may have witnessed the crash. It's also important to get a police officer to the accident site quickly to start making a report. You'll likely need to rely on the police report, so having someone's impartial observation of the accident scene is going to help with your injury claim.

You'll also need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact a local law office, like Levinson Law Offices, for more information.