Determining Fault In An Accident

Can You Lose Your Job For Pursuing Payments After Suffering Bodily Harm While Working? Find Out

If there is a legitimate reason, company bosses can fire workers who have suffered injuries. For instance, they can terminate an employee's contract if they cannot perform their work duties because of their injury. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of these laws to fire workers who seek payments after suffering an on-the-job injury. This is unlawful, and you can take legal action to prevent an illegal dismissal for pursuing your rights. In addition, a legal advisor can help you get justice, as you will learn in this article.

Compensation for Injuries Suffered at Work

Employees who suffer bodily harm while performing job-related tasks have a right to seek payments for their losses. These payments cover their medical expenses and provide financial support until they are ready to return to work. Companies should take all the necessary steps to ensure employees get their rightful payments. However, employers need not incur unnecessary losses under this directive. For instance, they should not continue paying benefits if the employee's doctor declares that they have reached maximum medical improvement. This term is used when a patient cannot improve even after receiving comprehensive treatment. As a result, the employee will likely not be able to work again. In a case like this, the employer has the right to terminate the employee's contract.

Even so, the employer must prove that the disabled employee cannot work in any other department. Thus, a company boss cannot fire you if you can provide services in another department while in your current condition. Moreover, they cannot terminate your contract for applying for compensation due to an injury at work. You may file a case against them if they do. Your work-related injury attorney can take the necessary steps to ensure you don't lose your job by seeking compensation.

Legal Help After an Unlawful Dismissal

It is advisable to contact a legal advisor as soon as you get a contract termination letter. They will investigate your case to determine whether your dismissal was lawful. If it wasn't, your attorney gathers evidence to prove that your boss committed illegality by terminating your contract. They will then take legal measures to help you get your job back. In addition, they will assist you in getting compensation for your losses. This includes the wages you lost when your company illegally dismissed you.

Your employer has no right to fire you for applying for payments for losses caused by work-related injuries. Fortunately, a work-related accident lawyer can help you pursue justice if they do.