Determining Fault In An Accident

Proving The Extent Of Your Car Accident Injuries

When you are in an auto accident that causes injuries, it's important to work with a car accident lawyer right away. The extent of your injuries is the first consideration, and you will want advice on how to prove your claim throughout your healing process. If your injuries are substantial, you might have trouble returning to work. To protect your financial future, a car accident lawyer will help you strengthen your claim, and negotiate on your behalf. It is best to write down the details of the accident, collect witness reports, and make sure you have a copy of any medical records that are available because of your injuries.

Take Pictures Throughout the Healing Process

One thing you can do to help document your injuries is to take pictures throughout your healing process. While you may have some injuries that are not visible, any notable bruising, swelling, or cuts should be carefully documented while you are healing. It is important to keep track of your injuries.

Seek Medical Treatment as Needed

Even if you don't go to the emergency room right after an auto accident, you can seek treatment when symptoms start to show up. Whether your first appointment is at the emergency room, or with your primary care physician, this first contact with a medical provider after a car accident will set a baseline for your condition and any injuries you may have sustained. If new symptoms occur, get the medical treatment you need to take care of these changes.

Follow Through With All Specialists

If you are referred to specialists by your primary care provider, follow through with all treatment recommendations. Your treatment providers will be the people who speak about the extent of your injuries. If you miss appointments or don't follow through with recommendations, it will look as if your injuries are not significant. Even if you feel that going to a specialist will not help, seek the services of anyone to establish a relationship with treatment providers.

As you heal from your injuries, document how you feel in the process. There will come a time when you reach the medical end of treatment, and you may not be fully recovered when this occurs. If you are permanently disabled from your car accident, your car accident lawyer will need to prove the extent of your injuries to get you a payout that you deserve for your future lost wages.