Proving The Extent Of Your Car Accident Injuries

When you are in an auto accident that causes injuries, it's important to work with a car accident lawyer right away. The extent of your injuries is the first consideration, and you will want advice on how to prove your claim throughout your healing process. If your injuries are substantial, you might have trouble returning to work. To protect your financial future, a car accident lawyer will help you strengthen your claim, and negotiate on your behalf. [Read More]

Common Workers' Compensation Claims For Restaurant Workers

Restaurant injuries are fairly common, but restaurant workers often miss out on workers' compensation claims. Here are some common injuries that can lead to workers' compensation claims. Slip and Falls Slips and falls are a common occurrence in the restaurant industry due to the fast-paced nature of the work environment and the presence of spills and wet surfaces. To make a workers' compensation claim for a slip and fall injury, the injured worker needs to establish that the fall occurred during the course of employment. [Read More]

Whether You Were "On The Job" Can Affect Your Eligibility For Workers' Compensation Benefits

Imagine you are injured while at work. You are typically entitled to compensation for your injuries. However, one issue might arise if your employer argues that you were not actually "on the job." to be eligible, you must be engaged in work-related activities. In this situation, speaking with a workers' compensation attorney about what you should do next is essential.  When a Worker is "On the Job" A worker is typically considered " [Read More]

What To Do Before You Accept An Auto Accident Settlement

Auto accidents are incredibly common, and they can lead to serious injuries and massive expenses. If you didn't cause the accident, however, you shouldn't have to pay. If you would like to know more, keep reading. Seek Medical Treatment After a serious accident, you may need emergency transportation and/or medical services. However, even if you don't, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Car accidents can cause a lot of damage, including soft-tissue damage, which may take time to heal. [Read More]